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About Our Church


The first Masses celebrated in Warner Robins were held at the USO Hall on an altar made from stacked Coke crates and boards. On September 23, 1945, in the building we now know as the "Parish Hall," the first Mass of Sacred Heart Parish in Warner Robins was celebrated in our church by our founding Pastor, Rev. Harold Gaudin, S.J. In addition to serving as the church, this building also housed the church offices, the social hall, and the pastor's residence. The original church could seat around 200 people.

In September 1955, Sacred Heart School started and in 1956 the Presentation Sisters arrived from Ireland to take charge of the school. On February 8, 1962, the second Sanctuary was dedicated to handle our growing number of parishioners. It seated 500 people.


About our Priests

Father FredOn May 25, 1968, Deacon Frederick J. Nijem, Jr., entered the brand-new Saint John the Evangelist Church in Valdosta, to become the first priest ever ordained there. The church's pastor, Father Thomas J. Payne, waived the privilege of celebrating the first Mass in his new church, commenting, "I think it's the most appropriate thing that could happen to a new church-to launch a new priest. We broke ground last July with this in mind."

Updates from the Church

We make decisions – important ones, life changing ones, lesser ones.  Joshua is asking people to choose a God who was unseen, except by his deeds, for whom they could not make any graven image, whose values included respect for the weakest and lowliest among them, to whom temple prostitution was a violation of their covenant.  The decision:  Chose this God as opposed to worshipping anything you could get your hands on, living like might makes right, and finding any pagan god that blessed your basest instincts, believe me in the land Canaan there were many.

One of the distinctive things about a kitchen is the aroma of something good cooking- fresh baked bread, a grilled steak, peach cobbler. Our sense of smell is perhaps the strongest sense that we have; it can even bring back memories of long ago when our momma was baking in the kitchen, bringing back a sense of comfort and security when we were children.

Last Sunday we began reading from the sixth chapter of the Gospel according to John. This chapter is so lengthy that the liturgy has divided it into five parts over five Sundays. The story began last Sunday with the familiar episode of the miracle of the loaves. Jesus fed five thousand people with five barley loaves and a couple of fish. The importance of this event can be seen in the fact that it is the only miracle of Jesus which is recorded in all four Gospels. The manner in which it is related by each evangelist leads people of faith to think of the Eucharist.

A story, as told by a daughter. My mother had a stroke and came to stay temporarily with me until she got back on her feet. I thought that this would be an opportunity to pay my mom back for all the many years my mom had cared for me. And I thought I could straighten out some of my mother's thinking while she was here. The days stretched into weeks, and the house began to get smaller and smaller for the two of us, and we had our squabbles and became more irritable. Until one day in the kitchen, where else, it all blew up over how to boil an egg- of all things.

For a change let's do the second reading – namely, St. Paul to the Ephesians. Paul terms himself a "prisoner for the Lord". He may mean that literally, and he was indeed a prisoner in Rome for about two years when he was sent from Jerusalem requesting that his case be heard by the emperor, as was his right as a Roman citizen. And/or Paul may have also meant that he had been captured by the love of Christ. In any case he is not writing for sympathy but rather to give a personal witness that there is a cost to being a disciple of Christ. And Paul's imprisonment gives him a strong position with which to call the community to live their faith.

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The Church

Monsignor Fred Nijem

Father Kevin O'Keefe
Parochial Vicar

Jim Hunt

Ron Simons

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Mass Times

English Mass
Saturday Vigil: 5:00 pm
Sunday: 9:00 am & 11:45 am

Spanish Mass
Sunday: 2:00 pm

Daily Mass
Monday - Friday: 9:00am

Saturdays: 3:45 pm to 4:30 pm in the Reconciliation Room.

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Christian Service Center

Christian Service Center
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Phone: 478.929.3897
Director: Greg Schliekelman
Hours: Mon, Wed, Fri 10:00 am to 2:45 pm

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