Father Fred's Homilies

April 2019

Apr 8

April 6 & 7 2019 Homily

An adulterous woman is caught, brought and stood– all power moves - so that people can stare – holding her in her sin.  As you ride by a traffic stop you stare at this poor creature – nabbed in the act.  Or, in a basketball game when the opposing player commits a foul and the student body chants: “You, you,...
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Apr 1

March 30 & 31 Homily

This is one of the great stories in any literature, and it expresses, as no other, what lies at the heart of the Gospel.  Two lost sons, one lost in sin and the other lost in self-righteousness, and they each have the mindsets to prove it.  The father represents the self-giving grace of God. The younger son takes his inheritance and...
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