First Holy Communion

Communion is the third sacrament of initiation in the Church.  In it we are nourished and strengthened for our daily lives.  We believe that Jesus Christ is fully present - Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity.  The bread and wine are not symbols, but signs of his Real Presence.


  • Candidates intending to received First Holy Communion and First Reconciliation must be enrolled and participate in education classes in a Catholic School or Religious Education Program.
  • Candidates must be at least in the 2nd grade (7 years old).
  • Candidates must be enrolled from the beginning of the school year and must complete all diocesan and parish requirements to receive the sacrament.
  • Family must register with Sacred Heart Church.
  • Candidates and their families must attend Sunday liturgy regularly and be actively involved in parish life.
  • Candidates for the sacraments must be baptized.
  • All candidates planning to receive the sacraments are required to have (2) two years of prior Religious Education (RE) to receive the sacraments.

Those who move into the parish during the summer or in the course of the year may certainly register and enroll their children in Religious Education.  Those entering into 2nd grade must show proof of one year of religious education at their former parish.  A letter from the priest or director of religious education from the former parish is sufficient.  This letter should be mailed by the former parish directly to the Sacred Heart Church office to the attention of the Religious Education Director.


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