Living by Faith Rooted in Hope

Campaign Summary


Thank you for demonstrating your commitment to the next 75 years of Sacred Heart by pledging to the Living by Faith Rooted in Hope Building Fund Capital Campaign. Slightly over $1,700,000 in pledges were committed; enough funds to cover our monthly mortgage and additional principal payments. That is 90% of our goal. We are moving forward with our goal of A Debt-Free Church which will ultimately allow funds to be available to enhance liturgy, maintain and improve our facilities, foster and serve our community and continue Sacred Heart’s Catholic legacy in central Georgia.

Our campaign goals were to ensure the parish has the funds to:

  • Pay our monthly mortgage payment
  • Eliminate the variable rate portion of the loan though additional principal payments

For the last three years we have successfully made progress on the goals against our 20 year loan. In the Narthex, the display board shows our progress against the principal payment reduction.  As of December 1, we have paid almost one quarter against our $6.8 Million overall principal!  Well done Sacred Heart, thank you! In order to continue at this principal reduction rate, we need more donations to the Building Fund than have currently been pledged.  Many of you continue to faithfully give to the Building Fund even though you did not pledge.  We are counting on your continued support.  We also need those who have not given to the Building Fund in the past to consider donating to the Building Fund.  We thank you as you live by faith rooted in hope and serve through your donation which ensures Sacred Heart’s mission can continue in the future.

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If you are a friend of Sacred Heart Parish, please consider giving a one-time gift -

A campaign message from our Pastor


Thank you and God bless!