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Puzzle Pieces

I have in my hand a piece to a jig saw puzzle.  It is no good unless it can find its place in the puzzle.  It is a useless scrap of paper unless it can find the niche for which it was created.  During the January snow storm of 4 years ago Fr. Pablo and I were stranded at home along with the rest of Houston County.  I had a jig saw puzzle, given as a Christmas present, of the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican.  It was the first and only puzzle I have ever done as an adult.  Thank goodness Fr. Pablo was around and had some experience with puzzles, and with the help of his mother and sister we finished the puzzle in a matter of two months.  As we worked left the completed part of the puzzle along we had 1000 loose parts on the dining room table.  I was so afraid that just one of the thousand pieces would be vacuumed up by the cleaning lady and the puzzle would be incomplete.

My Point?  Each one of us like a piece of the jig saw puzzle.  And God alone gives us meaning.  I know we all have short term goals: get through Friday and have a six pack, get that raise and get out of debt, see our grandchildren grow up and get a good education.  That's the week to week picture, the year to year picture, what about the big picture.  Why are we here?  Where are we going?  What do we do with the week to week, year to year plans when death and divorce, and suffering break it all up?  What sense do we make of service and sacrifice?  Why does love heal and hatefulness destroy?  There is a reason and point to our existence.  We are not just a throw away piece of the puzzle.

Three men laying bricks on our new school.  Go up to the first and ask what are you doing?  I am laying bricks. Go the second, what are you doing?:  I am making a living for my family. Go up to the third, what are you doing? I am preparing a school building where children will learn about their faith, pray and practice their faith.  It is so important to be part of something bigger than ourselves. Our lives are much more than what we can consume or getting through 9 to 5.

It is our relationship with God that gives us the big picture that even gives suffering and death a meaning.  The Scripture gives us the "how to" that enables us to see the picture take shape, and the where withal to complete the puzzle.  Every week when we chose to celebrate the Eucharist we reaffirm our relationship with the big picture; our story makes sense only in light of God's story. Every week that we absent ourselves from the Eucharist, we begin to believe that our weekend escapes, our year to year vacations is all there is to live for. But nothing will take the place of God.  Go ahead try it. Try and fit your little part of the puzzle into a purpose, a meaning other than God. You can force it but just doesn't fit.  Who made you?  God.  Why did God make you? To know love and serve him in this life and to be infinitely happy with him in the next.  Prayer, especially the Eucharist, strengthens the bond with our creator.

What does the puzzle look like when it is completed?  It is the face of Christ, it is the life of Christ, it is the word of Christ.  But there is a crucial difference between this scrap of paper and each of us.  We were created with freedom.  We can accept Christ's invitation and insert ourselves in the picture, or we can make excuses, as those in the Gospel do today and opt out of the big picture.  Our being here is not just one more weekly activity.  Here we renew the covenant that gives our lives and our deaths eternal meaning.  Do you get the picture?

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